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Weekly Report




I started looking more deeply at the approach to failure recovery that I had been planning on implementing, and for a couple of reasons it may not be appropriate for my purposes. Firstly its very computationally expensive, which wouldnt be the worst thing in the world, but secondly it requires a lot of configuration. Since that is exactly what I am trying to avoid, I may need to use a much simpler system. On the upside, that hopefully will mean way less computation.

I also continued with testing things. Polling with 1 second frequency works fine, any more than that does not work however, as packet counts are only updated once per second. I also tried to introduce packet loss due to congestion within a virtual network, but the packet loss only seems to occur as packets leave the network. My impression is this is because when you have multiple ovs bridges on a single machine they still function as a single bridge. So the congestion I am generating within the switch isnt actually cause it to drop packets until it tries to output from the switch to one of the hosts.