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Weekly Report - 31/11/14




This week, I focused on using the magnitude of a change as another indication of severity because the results of using AMP-specific probabilities were not as favourable as we expected (this can be explained by the fact that DS does not work on events where only a single detector has fired). Spent several hours looking for relevant literature, but the papers I looked at were not especially helpful or completely unrelated. I took a break from reading papers and moved on to graphing the relationship between magnitude and severity. I used the Plateau detector's absolute and relative latency changes and the TEntropy-Stddev detector's TEntropyChange as metrics and plotted them against the severity score of the matched ground truth group. Found that TEntropyChange was useless for this purpose, but the absolute latency change showed promise: there was an easily identifiable threshold for identifying significant events but there were also some outliers that were less desirable (insignificant events with a high magnitude of change).