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Weekly Report -- 30/10/2014




Wrote some scripts to do some basic exploration of the Ceilometer data to check which collections and series are most suitable for using with netevmon. I've found that around 30-35% of the series for CPU utilisation, network byte rates and disk read/write rates are at least long enough to be worth using -- this works out to ~600 series for each metric, so we'll have a reasonable sample size. The spacing between measurements is more of a concern, as it is very inconsistent. There are some parts of NNTSC and netevmon that assume a fairly constant measurement rate, so these will need to be re-evaluated.

Started adding PF_RING support to libtrace. For a start, I'm just working with the standard PF_RING driver (not the ZC extension) and I've written code that should work with the old API. Once I've tested that, I'll start adding native parallel support using one thread per receive queue in the driver.

Also spent a bit of time planning a paper on parallel libtrace. I'm anticipating the main narrative to be about how we've achieved better potential performance by adding parallelism (depending on the workload and the number of threads), while still maintaining the key design goals of library (e.g. abstraction of complexity, format agnosticism, etc.). We'll show that the same parallel libtrace code can achieve better performance across multiple input formats, i.e. DAG, ring, PF_RING (once complete).