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Weekly Report -- 30/03/2012




Due to the impending deadline for MSI funding proposals, last week was quite a mixed bag of tasks.

Developed another event detector that tries to detect obvious spikes in a relatively constant time series. The likelihood that a spike will be treated as an event is inversely correlated with the amount of noise in the time series, i.e. a spike in noisy data won't register as an event but a smaller spike following a long period of consistency would. Also started looking at decomposing time series with R again.

Wrote a lab exercise for 312 on configuring a DNS server. Spent a couple of hours in R block during the designated 312 lab time to help out students, although they were mostly working on previous labs (or wasting time looking at meme pictures).

Went over the methodology sections of both MSI proposals with Jamie and Brendon. Rewrote the methodologies to better suit the requirements, i.e. more emphasis on the research tasks that we will be carrying out.