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Weekly Report -- 29/06/2012




Last week's work on metadata was an interesting look into how to use Nicira's actions alongside the extensible matches introduced in OpenFlow 1.1 (OXM). Nicira already has a similar functionality implemented as a set of registers. There's an NXM action to load data into registers, which was able to load into not just the general purpose registers, but also into any field that NXM (and now OXM) matches against. I made use of this to implement metadata matches, and have now upstreamed this code.

The last thing left for the code to be accepted upstream was to create a new test for the new functionality. One of the main ways that the tests are performed is by specifying the hex dump of a packet as an argument to ovs-ofctl, then checking the log output. Ended up spending quite a bit of time this week cross-referencing some of these hex dumps with the OpenFlow specifications to get familiar with them and write my own tests.