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Weekly Report -- 29/01/2016




Continued prepping for the trip to San Diego. Wrote a talk on AMP to present at AIMS, since Brendon won't be able to attend. Managed to finally settle on a project that I'll be working on at the BGP hackathon: adding useful filtering to the BGPstream software.

Met with Harris to talk about the CSC dataset and how he can go about looking for interesting events in the dataset. Wrote some example code to extract a metric from the data (syscalls per second for each major type) and added a module to NNTSC for the new metric. Hopefully Harris will be able to use that to start adding his own metrics.

Noticed that there was a lot of variation in my rtstats performance test results. It seems that the achievable packet rate for ring: seems to fluctuate from test to test, but will remain constant within a test. For example, one test run I'll get 1 million packets per second consistently for 60 seconds, the next test run I'll get 40,000 packets per second for 60 seconds. Spent a lot of time looking into this further (including an afternoon with Richard S. trying out various things), but we're still unable to account for this inconsistency.