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Weekly Report - 28/8/15




Finished my site with Django. First I added the functionality to display a logfile to the page to get familiar with Django, plus it can be extended later for filtering a single file etc.

Next I implemented the 60 second window search between two files, this takes the first file and goes through each window comparing it to the window in the second file; specifically it compares the similarity using dice's coefficient of each event to each other event then averages that to display the average similarity for that window.

Next I linked each window to a separate page where the window is broken down into its singular events (each step breaks it down further). So at this stage we can compare one event to the events in the second files window using the same similarity score.

In the vein of breaking the files down into smaller parts for each step to process these huge files in manageable steps, in the future I think it would be nice to be able to visualise the difference between two events; for example Google's diff-match-patch API is a good example of showing the differences between two strings.

And of course working on my presentation for the honours conference.