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Weekly Report 28/3/15




Started work on the RPi adaption of base station:
Working on getting the required tools and libraries in the latest version of Raspbian in order to use the 802.15.4 interface. So far I have installed the libnl library and iwpan tools form source, yet to test if they are working with the interface.

The RPi board needs to be set up for ease of access so I don't have to continuously switch peripherals from PC to RPi, needs static IP (working for the moment but breaks when a network connection is shared to the board) and vncserver on boot. This is setup using tightvnc for the moment with a viewer on a win7 laptop.

Next is to setup a sniffing program (with usb dongle) and attempt to use the add-on board to transmit packages to test if the add-on is accessible.