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Weekly Report -- 28/10/2016




Spent a couple of days reading over Richard S's paper and providing feedback.

Continued keeping an eye on the influx-nntsc test deployment. Pretty happy with it so Brendon and I will start working on packaging everything and rolling it out to skeptic next week.

Started working on an outline for my IMC talk.

Got some initial results back to Harris and Alan for their experiment using my suffix tree code. Had to rewrite a previously recursive algorithm to be iterative to work with some of the larger syscall logs, since Python is hopeless at recursion.

Migrated the iterative version back into my automatic FSM construction code, which I resumed looking at on Friday. Still finding plenty of cases where variant patterns are not being combined into the original FSM correctly, so this has mostly involved a lot of debugging. The code has started to sprawl a bit, so had to take some time to refactor it into a manageable state.