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Weekly Report -- 28/06/2013




Had a week of catching up on a few jobs I had put off in lieu of getting NNTSC, netevmon and amp2 ready for the Lightwire release.

Re-worked BSOD server to use a separate thread for communicating with clients, so that the packets can be sent to clients immediately rather than waiting for a break in the input stream. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped the bursty appearance of packets on the client like I had hoped, so this requires further investigation. I suspect the flow management inside BSOD server isn't as optimal as it could be and may end up replacing this with libflowmanager.

With that in mind, I've modified libflowmanager to support multiple flow expiry 'plugins', as opposed to having a single defined expiry policy that all libflowmanager programs had to use. This will allow us to replicate BSOD's old expiry policy (flows expire after 20 seconds of inactivity) if we want to, although I would probably see how it goes with the classic libflowmanager policy first.

Received some bug reports for libtrace from Matt Brown as a result of Mayhem being run against the entirety of Debian. Perry had more or less patched them right away so I worked on releasing a new version of libtrace incorporating those fixes. The new release went out on Friday and also includes the rawerf fix from several weeks back. Had a few issues with both Fedora and FreeBSD that slowed down the testing process, so the release process took a bit longer than anticipated.