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Weekly Report - 27/3/15




The earlier half of this week was tied up with other paper commitments. I've now been set up with access to comet along with some snapshots of VMs I will be using to test controller and topologies (OF, Mininet). I've had a bit of a play with some example topogies and controller applications.

I've also managed to get hold of Craig Osbornes code, which appears to have some good concepts and some code I will be able to recycle and adapt for my own project.

My next step is to design the type of topology that is ideal for an ISP environment which also works with other deployments such as University Campuses. Primary factors are ability to scale and be redundant. AAA services also need to be considered, not so much accounting, but the other two.

My first point of contact for this was Chris Browning from Lightwire, but turns out he is going on leave for the next few weeks, so I'll likely consult Scott Raynel to see what current topology is like, see if he knows what Chris' direction was etc. My next point of contact is likely to be Brad Cowie.

I also need to seek out how provisioning of hardware, physical or virtual, works as so far it's been pretty Python code.