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Weekly Report -- 27/11/2014




Finished up the demo for STRATUS forum and helped Harris put together both a video and a live website.

Spent a bit of time trying to fix some unintuitive traceroute events that we were seeing on lamp. The problem was arising when a normally unresponsive hop was responding to traceroute, which was inserting an extra AS transition into our "path".

Rebuilt DPDK and Ostinato on 10g-dev2 after Richard upgraded it to Jessie so that I can resume my parallel libtrace development and testing once he's done with his experiments.

Installed and tested a variety of Android emulators to try and setup an environment where JP and I can more easily capture mobile app traffic. Turned out Bluestacks on my iMac ended up being the most useful, as the others I tried either lacked the Google Play Store (so finding and installing the "official" apps would be hard) or needed more computing power than I had available.