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Weekly Report -- 27/10/2017




Managed to get the new telescope software running at a decent packet rate. So far we can capture and multicast ~12 million packets per second without issues. The main limitation that prevents us from going any higher is the capacity of the 10Gb interface that we are multicasting on. Pretty happy with that result and now I can focus on ensuring that the clients will be able to keep up.

Started adding nDAG read support to libtrace. This is mostly a matter of adapting my existing test client code to work within the libtrace structure, as well as making sure that there are suitable code paths for each of the three APIs: parallel, single-threaded and event-driven.

Still seeing new protocols every week on the campus network, even with the decreasing amount of people who are present on campus. 3 new protocols this week; starting to get close to the 450 mark.