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Weekly Report - 27/06/14




I haven't progressed significantly further than last week. Still stuck at the moment with connecting to motes from the host PC, but after looking at the link with Wireshark (which I should have thought to do much earlier) I realised that I was receiving RPL DODAG Information Solicitations from the link-local IP of the mote, so I worked out that I can connect to the mote on its link-local address if I direct it through the tunnel interface. However, I still can't connect to the mote on its globally routable IP.

This is really frustrating since everything I've read has indicated that it should just work - except for this one mailing list thread authored by someone who appears to have an identical problem. Instead of solving the problem, the author found a working bridge in an application called uDPWS, which runs on top of Contiki. I might start by looking into this next week to see what the differences between the bridges are.