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Weekly Report -- 27/03/2014




Continued developing code to group events by common AS path segments. Managed to add an "update tree" function to the suffix tree implementation I was using and then changed it to use ASNs rather than characters to reduce the number of comparisons required. Also developed code to query NNTSC for an AS path based on the source, destination and address family for a latency event, so all of the pieces are now in place.

In testing, I found a problem where live NNTSC exporting would occasionally fall several minutes behind the data that was being inserted in the database. Because this would only happen occasionally (and usually overnight), debugging this problem has taken a very long time. Found a potential cause in a unhandled E_WOULDBLOCK on the client socket so I've fixed that and am waiting to see if that has resolved the problem.

Did some basic testing of libtrace 4 for Richard, mainly trying to build it on the various OS's that we currently support. This has created a whole bunch of extra work for him due the various ways in which pthreads are implemented on different systems. Wrote my first parallel libtrace program on Friday -- there was a bit of a learning curve but I got it working in the end.