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Weekly Report -- 26/07/2013




Table partitioning is now up and running inside of NNTSC. Migrated all the existing data over to partitioned tables.

Enabled per-user tracking in the LPI collector and updated Cuz to deal with multiple users sensibly. Changed the LPI collector to not export counters that have a value of zero -- the client now detects which protocols were missing counters and inserts zeroes accordingly. Also changed NNTSC to only create LPI streams when the time series has a non-zero value occur, which avoids the problem of creating hundreds of streams per user which are entirely zero because the user never uses that protocol.

Added ability to query NNTSC for a list of streams that had been added since a given stream was created. This is needed to allow ampy to keep up to date with streams that have been added since the connection to NNTSC was first made. This is not an ideal solution as it adds an extra database query to many ampy operations, but I'm hoping to come up with something better soon.

Revisited and thoroughly documented the ShewhartS-based event detection code in netevmon. In the process, I made a couple of tweaks that should reduce the number of 'unimportant' events that we have been getting.