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Weekly Report -- 26/06/2014




Short week as I was on leave on Thursday and Friday.

Continued tweaking the event groups produced by netevmon. My main focus has been on ensuring that the start time for a group lines up with the start time of the earliest event in the group. When this doesn't happen, it suggests that there is an incongruity in the logic for updating events and groups based on a new observed detection. Now the problem happens rarely -- which is good from the perspective that I am making progress but it is also bad because it takes a lot longer for a bad group to occur so testing and debugging is much slower.

Spent a bit of time rewriting Yindong's python trace analysis using C++ and libflowmanager. My program was able to run much faster and use a lot less memory, which should mean that wraith won't be hosed for months while Yindong waits for his analysis to run.

Added a new API function to libtrace to strip VLAN and MPLS headers from packets. This makes the packets easier to analyse with BPF filters as you don't need to construct complicated filters to deal with the possible presence of VLAN tags that you don't care about.

Installed libtrace on the Endace probe and managed to get it happily processing packets from a virtual DAG without too much difficulty.