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Weekly Report -- 26/04/2013




Finished up the 513 marking (eventually!) and released the marks to the students.

Released a new version of libtrace -- 3.0.17.

Started working on releasing some new public trace sets. Waikato 8 is now available on WITS and the DSL traffic from our 2009 ISP traces will hopefully soon follow. In the process, I found a couple of little glitches in traceanon that I was able to fix before the libtrace release.

Decided that our anomaly detection code does not handle time series that switch from constant to noisy and back again particularly well. A classic example is latency to Google: during working hours it is noisy, but it is constant other times. We detect the switch, but only after a long time. I would like to detect this change sooner and report it as an event (although not necessarily alert on it). I've started looking into an alternative method of detecting the change in time series style based on a pair of sliding windows: one for the last hour, one for the previous 12 hours before that. It is working better, but is currently a bit too sensitive to the effect of an individual outlier.