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Weekly Report -- 25/11/2016




Back to work on Wednesday after my brief holiday in LA. Caught up on a backlog of email and bug reports, then started getting back into my FSM generation work for STRATUS.

Fixed some bugs where my code was incorrectly introducing loops into the auto-generated FSM. Continued testing with some of the logs that Alan had collected from specific applications and making sure that the resulting machines appear sane.

The most obvious outstanding problem now is that my original pattern extraction approach does not recognise cases where a pattern consists of a much shorter subpattern that is being repeated. I'd rather be using the subpattern to create my FSMs, otherwise I end up with FSMs that have a path for pattern X being repeated 4 times, X being repeated 5 times, etc. based on what combinations I saw in my original log. After drawing a lot of suffix trees on the whiteboard, I think I've come up with solution that might work -- next week's job is to implement and evaluate it.