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Weekly Report -- 25/09/2014




Finished the parallel libtrace HOWTO guide. Pretty happy with it and hopefully it should ease the learning curve for users who want to move over to the parallel API once released.

Continued working towards the beta release of libtrace4. Started testing on my usual variety of operating systems, fixing any bugs or warnings that cropped up along the way. It looks like there are definitely some issues with using the parallel API with BSD interfaces, so that will need to be resolved before I can do the release.

Now that I've got a full week of Waikato trace, I've been occasionally looking at the output from running lpi_protoident against the whole week and seeing if there are any missing protocols I can identify and add to libprotoident. Managed to add another 6 new protocols this week, including Diablo 3 and Hearthstone.

Met with Rob and Stephen from Endace on Thursday morning and had a good discussion about how we are using the Endace probe and what we can do to get more out of it.