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Weekly Report - 25 August 2017




This week I spent some time looking at comparing the Python3 and Python2.7 versions of the disaggregator to see which version offers better performance and is more memory efficient. The Python 3 version of the disaggregator uses less memory and also seems to be a bit faster. This is now the versions used in the master branch of the repo.

Most of the week I worked on adding IPv6 support to the disaggregator. I extended the prefix class to support IPv6 prefixes and then extended the BGP prefix parsing to retrieve the advertised and withdrawn IPv6 prefixes. Have also added parsing of the ExaBGP negotiated messages to retrieve the negotiated MP-BGP NLRI families for the disaggregator peers. The code was modified to uses these negotiated families when parsing the update prefixes. This will make it easier to deal with other MP-BGP NLRI families that will be supported later on.

More unit-tests and Mininet unit-test cases were also added to check the new modifications are working. At the end of the week, I also started looking at ways to get the topology information of the network dynamically.