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Weekly Report -- 24/02/2017




Still having some problems with my variant recognition code for the FSM construction. Decided to go back to square one in terms of the set of conditions for variant matching. I've started developing a small dataset of potential variants and tagging them with whether I actually want them to be recognised as variants or not. Using this, I can hopefully look at these as a complete set and try to develop a set of conditions that works well for all scenarios, rather than the previous "whack-a-mole" development strategy where I would focus on the case I'm currently getting wrong, come up with something that fixes that problem and then consequently break several other previously good matches.

Finally managed to track down and fix a nuisance segfault in anomaly_ts that would very occasionally crop up. The biggest challenge was getting the segfault to occur in an environment where I could get a core dump; the problem was obvious once I had a useful dump. Also fixed a handful of interface issues in amp-web and resolved an issue with the event dashboard being slow to load.

Found and resolved a libtrace bug where parallel ring: inputs would appear to produce out-of-order packets, even with the ordered combiner. This was because we were relying on the packet timestamp as a ordering mechanism, but the clock used to timestamp the packets is not strictly monotonic -- using a monotonic clock to determine packet order makes the combiner a lot happier. Packet ordering is now determined per-format as a result, so I'm still testing that ordering still works for the other formats.