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Weekly Report - 24/01/14




Continued working on splitting out IPv4 and IPv6 data on the matrix. Cells in the matrix are now diagonally split in two by default to show IPv4 on the left and IPv6 on the right. I've added the option to show only IPv4 data or only IPv6 data, though clicking on a cell will still take you to the graph for IPv4/IPv6 irrespective of the view you're in. I tweaked the severity colours and added a legend for them that changes based on the current test type (relative/absolute latency, loss, hop count).

More refactoring in the matrix, fixes for matrix popovers and more general IE8 fixes, particularly to get modal dialogs working. Added helpful tooltips to radio buttons for aggregation in the modals to explain what they do.

Changed the colour of event lines on smokeping graphs with only one series. The series would be drawn in black which would clash with the grey of event lines, so I set event lines to be the same colour as their event markers in this situation.

Finished up the week by adding some performance improvements to smokeping graphs that hugely improve software rendering of the canvas (particularly in Firefox on Linux). The canvas is always antialiased so rounding our drawing coordinates to nearest integers prevents unnecessary antialiasing and results in smokeping summary graphs being drawn instantly (which is mainly where our problem was). They aren't noticeably reduced in quality because the diagonal lines connecting points are still antialiased, so we benefit greatly from this (if anything I think the sharper edges look better). I also rounded the drawing coordinates on event markers and the rainbow traceroute graphs for drawing clarity, and I separated out some of the data processing that was in the smokeping drawing code which will mean that in future if we still require better performance, it would be possible to move more of the code into a separate thread.