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Weekly report




I'm going to make an attempt to start writing these again so everyone knows what I'm up to.

This week:

  • Got fullscreen video playing back with network synchronised mplayer on the symphony display wall for Science & Engineering for their open day demo. Don't forget open day is coming up fast (17th May), if you have any good demos/projects to show off let me know.

  • We've been having a number of issues with warlock (web/mail server) over the past couple of months where it likes to stop responding to requests and require a reboot before it will work again. I've in the past put in measures to stop this happening which has helped a little bit but since it keeps happening I have spent some more time trying to fix this. I suspect warlock is a little over capacity so I have optimised the applications it runs to reduce the load on the machine. I spent some time optimising trac which is the heaviest application the machine runs, I have also migrated from mod_python to modwsgi and installed a varnish cache in front of apache (for webscale).

  • Spent some time researching juniper routers and reading juniper documentation.