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Weekly Report -- 23/05/2014




Finished most of the ampy reimplementation. Implemented all of the remaining collections and documented everything that I hadn't done the previous week, including the external API. Add caching for stream->view and view->groups mappings and added extra methods for querying aspects of the amp meta-data that I had forgotten about, e.g. site information and a list of available meshes.

Started re-working amp-web to use the new ampy API, tidying up a lot of the python side of amp-web as I went. In particular, I've removed a lot of web API functions that we don't use anymore and also broken the matrix handling code down into more manageable functions. Next job is to actually install and test the new ampy and amp-web.

Spent a decent chunk of time chasing down a libtrace bug on Mac OS X, which was proving difficult to replicated. Unfortunately, it turned out that I had already fixed the bug in libtrace 3.0.19 but the reporter didn't realise they were using 3.0.18 instead. Also, received a patch to the libtrace build system to try and better support compilers other than gcc (e.g. clang) which prompted me to take a closer look at some of the gcc-isms in our build process. In the process, I found that our attempts to check if -fvisibility is available was not working at all. Once I had replaced the configure check with something that works, the whole libtrace build broke because some function symbols were no longer being exported. Managed to get it all back working again late on Friday afternoon, but I'll need to make sure the new checks work properly on other systems, particularly FreeBSD 10 which only has clang by default.