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Weekly Report -- 22/09/2017




Back at work after a couple of weeks disrupted by illness. Spent most of the week working on my application protocol paper. Managed to produce a few interesting looking graphs and am now starting to get a rough idea of how my narrative is going to come together. Essentially, modern application protocols are vague and therefore require a lot more work and expertise to identify. However, they are still possible to identify and there are still plenty of new protocols appearing every year, so DPI hasn't outlived its usefulness entirely yet.

Had a meeting with Alistair from CAIDA about the first steps on the STARDUST project, which is essentially a redevelopment of their telescope to support 10G capture and multiple live clients. Obviously, this is going to build a lot on our experiences so far with parallel libtrace / wdcap -- one of my key jobs will be to develop a new parallel, multicast RT protocol as the old RT protocol simply won't be fast enough anymore.