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Weekly Report -- 22/07/2016




Short week after taking leave on Monday and Tuesday.

Spent most of my remaining week looking at some new captures I took using the upgraded Probe. The main aim was to see whether there were any new protocols that libprotoident should be able to identify. Managed to find a handful of new protocols: Facebook Zero, Forticlient SSL VPN and Discord, as well as made some improvements to the rules for existing protocols (including the AMP throughput test!).

Most of my time was actually spent unsuccessfully hunting down what appears to be a new Chinese P2P protocol, which is a shame because it was contributing a very large amount of unknown traffic in my sample dataset.

Using BSOD on the live traffic feed also allowed me to spot a student that was doing vast quantities of torrenting on the campus network (which Brad reported to ITS) and our WITS FTP server being hammered with tons of download attempts from China. Fair to say, we've gotten some good milage of the upgraded Probe already.

Fixed a couple of outstanding bugs in amp-web. Should be ready to push some new packages out to skeptic and lamp early next week now.