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Weekly Report - 22/02/2013




Shane suggested sending the protocol names once only to reduce the amount of redundant data sent each time and also, save on fifo space and bandwidth requirements. I designed a new protocol subheader for exporting protocol details(id, name, name_len) and these are sent to a client as soon as it connects to the server. Then, I had to chage the old exporting code and get rid of parts adding the name and name length and add in the appropriate code for the protocol IDs.

Then, I started working on exporting expired flow records to clients every X seconds(where X = 3mins/value chosen by user). I created a subheader for expired protocol records, and a structure for an expired flow record. Each time a flow expired, it was sent to be exported and its data added to the appropriate buffer. The buffer was then written to the FIFO when it filled up.

After I made sure that expired flow records were being exported correctly, I setup a timer which would export these records every X seconds, regardless of whether it was full or not.

Also got my Background chapter back from Shane. and started making the proposed changes.