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Weekly Report -- 22/01/2016




Ran some full experiments with the stats and rtstats workloads (using ring: to capture) to make sure the numbers match up with what Richard was seeing in his earlier tests. So far, we're getting the expected behaviour: adding more threads makes stats perform worse (due to threading overhead outweighing any performance gain), but helps with rtstats. Wrote the section in the paper that describes our evaluation methodology, so now I just need to fill it in with some results!

Wrote my talk on NNTSC for AIMS. It's a 10 minute talk that is meant to provoke some discussion, so it is pretty light on implementation details. At least I hope people will come away from the talk knowing that there are some battles in this space that we've already fought so they won't repeat our mistakes.

Helped Andy get started with NNTSC so he can try implementing some InfluxDB support for storing data. The idea so far is to keep postgres around for doing the things it does well (streams, traceroute data) and use Influx for the rest.