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Weekly Report - 21/11/14




Spent the last 2 weeks working on integrating event magnitudes into eventing. Tested a simplistic magnitude that used the latency changes reported by some of the detectors (Plateau, Mode, Changepoint) and the results looked somewhat promising. In theory, significant events would have a high magnitude and insignificant events would have a lower magnitude, but this wasn't always the case. Because a lot of the insignificant events had big changes in latency but were very short in duration, their magnitudes were high.
Took a break from the magnitude and had a chat with Shane about the next step of the project - storing the events (group of detections) and their probabilities of significance into a database. We also discussed event grouping of different streams and the criteria for grouping: by source or target Generated an initial schema, and spent a good amount of time on reading up on non-relational DB solutions since there were concerns that relational wasn't the optimal option for this scenario.
Shane implemented 2 new detectors(BinSegChangepoint and SeriesModeDetector) and I added them to eventing, currently using bogus probabilities for Demspter-Shafer until the new detectors have been tested fully and are thought to be free of bugs. Testing showed that the addition of two new detectors improved the accuracy of detecting significant events, but there was also a very small increase in FPs.
Spent some time testing magnitudes as a secondary condition for an event being significant.