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Weekly Report -- 21/09/2012




Spent a fair bit of time on teaching tasks this week. My threaded I/O assignment for 301 was proving quite testing for students - especially getting their heads around concurrent programming and the resulting issues. Also brushed up on my kernel module programming for the final lecture that I'll be giving on Monday.

Worked on improving the Shewhart anomaly detection when run against bursty time series. This basically came down to tweaking a few of the ratios and multipliers that I use to counteract some buggy and/or unintended behaviour. Replaced the event severity calculation with one that is much more internally consistent than before - bigger spikes now have a larger severity than smaller ones, as opposed to the previous approach where a bigger spike could have a much lower severity if preceded by slightly noisier measurements.

Reviewed a paper on YouTube modelling for Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies.