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Weekly Report -- 21/06/2013




Added manpages to netevmon to get it ready for Debian packaging. During this process, fixed a few little oversights in the netevmon script and the existing documentation.

Re-wrote much of the NNTSC API in ampy. The main goal was to reduce the amount of duplicated code in modules for individual NNTSC collections that was better suited to a more general NNTSC API. In the process I also changed the API to only use a single "NNTSC Connection" instance rather than creating and destroying one for every AJAX request. The main benefit of this is that we don't have to ask the database about collections and streams every time we make a request now -- instead we get them once and store that info for subsequent use. This will hopefully make the graph interface feel a bit more responsive.

Updated amp-web to use the new NNTSC API in ampy. I also spent a bit of time on Friday testing the web graphs on various browsers and fixing a few of the more obvious problems. Unsurprisingly, IE 10 was the biggest source of grief.

Added a new time series type to anomaly_ts -- JitterVariance. This time series tracks the standard deviation of the latencies reported by the individual smokeping pings. Using this, I've added a new event type designed to detect when the standard deviation has moved away from being near zero, e.g. the pings have started reporting variable latency. This helps us pick up on situations where the median stays roughly the same but the variance clearly indicates some issues. It also serves as a good early indicator of upcoming Plateau or Mode events on the median latency.