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Weekly Report -- 21/03/2014




Finished updating NNTSC to deal with traceroute data. The new QueryBuilder code should make query construction a bit less convoluted within the NNTSC dbselect module. Everything seems to work OK in basic testing, so it's now just a matter of migrating over one of our production setups and seeing what breaks.

Continued working through the events on, looking at events for streams that fall in the 25-100ms and the 300+ms ranges. Results still look very promising overall. Tried to fix another common source of insignificant events (namely a single very large spike that moves our mean so much that subsequent "normal" measurements are treated as slightly abnormal due to their distance from the new mean) but without any tangible success.

Moved libtrace and libprotoident from svn to git and put the repositories up on github. This should make the projects more accessible, particularly to the increasing number of people who want to add support for various formats and protocols. It should also make life easier for me when it comes to pushing out bug fixes to people having specific problems and merging in code contributed by our users.