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Weekly Report - 21/03/14




Wrote and handed in my honours proposal on Friday(/Saturday), in the process doing a lot more research into the 6LoWPAN/RPL/CoAP stack and compiling reading material for future reference. I wrote my proposal in LaTeX also, which is new to me -- I figured it would be useful to learn now in order to use efficiently later.

My project is fairly open ended right now (evaluating the state of the art of 802.15.4 CoAP security), as nailing down goals is still going to involve further research. I found one paper in particular titled "Security of CoAP-based End-to-End Scenarios for the Internet of Things" (a master's thesis) that I think could be very relevant and perhaps help narrow my focus, but the thesis doesn't appear to be available online anywhere. Now that I've finished my initial proposal I may look at contacting the author.