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Weekly Report -- 21/02/2014




Finally fixed all my problems with the history-live overlap when subscribing to NNTSC streams. The solution was to register the subscription as soon as possible (i.e. before doing any querying) and collect all subsequent live data for those streams in a buffer. Once the history queries were complete, the HISTORY_DONE message was extended to include the timestamp of the last row in the returned data so I could skip those rows when pushing the saved live data to the client.

Added a QUERY_CANCELLED message to the NNTSC protocol so that clients can know that their database query timed out. Previously we have had problems where a timed-out query simply returns an empty dataset which was impossible to distinguish from a genuine lack of data. Updated ampy to deal with the new message -- in particular, the results for cancelled queries are not cached like they were before, with fairly obvious bad consequences.

Also updated the matrix to handle query timeouts better, which also fixes the day_data bug we had which was causing crashes while loading the matrix. If a timeout occurs, a useful error message is also shown to the user.

Released a new version of libtrace on Friday which fixes the FreeBSD 10 build bug, as well as a few other minor problems.