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Weekly Report - 20/06/14




I wrote my interim report a couple of weeks ago (since the last time I wrote a blog entry) and this week I have been beginning to get back into the swing of things. I spent some time looking into 6LoWPAN/RPL gateway router solutions (to bridge the LoWPAN with Ethernet) and found that a common solution (6LBR) seems to be to run the router on a more powerful device such as a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard, using the radio of a USB-connected mote via a serial tunnel. An alternative to this would be to connect a radio directly to the board, but radios available are limited and generally not mass produced. To this end I went back to trying to get a serial tunnel working so that I could communicate between the host PC and a (remote) mote. I read into the code for the tunnel a little further and managed to work out that packets are being received and recognised between the host PC and tunnel mote, but not forwarded further to the remote mote. This is confusing since I had expected the problem to lie with the tunnel software (which I had such trouble initially compiling) and based on what I've read, it sounds like the motes should automatically establish a LoWPAN between themselves and communication should be no problem.

Following the plan I laid out in my interim report, I was aiming this week to nail down the hardware I would need for the coming weeks. Since Richard N has procured another STM32w RFCKit for me already and Richard S has a Raspberry Pi he doesn't need any more, I should be good to go.