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Weekly Report -- 20/04/2012




Finished up the proof-of-concept CAPWAP parser. ITS seemed pretty happy with the results so far, so I will probably be asked to develop a production version at some stage.

Turned my thoughts back to anomaly detection in noisy time series data. Measuring the autocorrelation of errors suggested that Holt-Winters forecasting alone was unlikely to be useful for our purposes in the long run. Started learning about using wavelets to denoise the data so that forecasting techniques might work better. I'm part of the way there -- I can apply a couple of wavelet transformations and get smoother data but I seem to start adding noise if I go any further than that.

Was interviewed by Radio NZ on the topic of my research into Internet usage following the CAA act.

Had a good chat with Sam Russell from REANNZ on Tuesday when he and Steve Cotter came to visit the group.