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Weekly Report -- 19/07/2013




Somewhat disrupted week this week, due to illness.

Replaced the template-per-collection for the graph pages with a single template that uses TAL to automatically add the right dropdowns to the page for the collection being shown on that page. Added callback code to allow proper switching between LPI metrics when browsing the graphs -- it isn't perfect but it wasn't worth putting too much effort into it when we're probably going to completely change the graph selection method at some point.

Added code to ampy to query data from the AMP ICMP test. Also added an API function that returns details about all of the streams associated with a collection -- this will be used to populate the matrix with just one request rather than having to make a request for every stream.

Worked on getting NNTSC to use table partitioning so that we can avoid having to select from massive unwieldy data tables. Seems to working well with my test database but the big challenge is to migrate the existing 'production' database over to a partitioned setup.