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Weekly Report -- 19/04/2013




Fixed the bugs in the anomaly_ts / eventing chain that I introduced last week. We're back reporting events again on the web dashboard.

Wrote ampy modules for retrieving smokeping and munin data from NNTSC so that Brendon could plot graphs of those time series. Doing this showed up some (more) problems in the graphing which Brendon eventually tracked down to being related to how aggregation was being performed within the NNTSC database.

Spent a large chunk of my week marking the 513 libtrace assignment. It is a much bigger class than previous years (over 30 students) so it was pretty time consuming to mark. In general, it was pleasing to see most students had gotten the basics of passive measurement worked out and hopefully they got some valuable experience from it. My biggest disappointment was how many students didn't read the instructions carefully -- especially those who missed the requirement to write original programs rather than blindly copying huge chunks of the example code.