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Weekly Report -- 19/02/2016




Arrived back in NZ on Monday, back at work on Tuesday. Brought Brendon and Richard N. up to speed on the things I learned at AIMS and the potential collaboration opportunities I discussed with people there. Spent a bit of time writing emails to chase up on some of these opportunities.

Deployed Andy's InfluxDB code on prophet. Spent much of the rest of the week playing around with the continuous query system to try and fix some outstanding issues caused by Influx's design decision to never automatically backfill the aggregated series when older / lagged data is received (e.g. when restarting NNTSC after an outage or AMP results arriving 40 seconds later than their timestamp due to timeouts). This was a bit trickier than you would think because there's no obvious way to find out when the last automatic continuous query ran (they don't happen exactly on the bin boundary) so I have to guess based on the current time, the time the bin should have ended and the timestamp of the current result.