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Weekly Report -- 18/12/2014




Finished up the implementation chapter of the libtrace paper. Added a couple of diagrams to augment some of the textual explanations. Got Richard S. to read over what I've got so far and made a few tweaks based on his feedback.

Spent a decent chunk of time looking at Unknown UDP port 80 traffic in libprotoident. Found a clear pattern that was contributing most of the traffic, which I traced back to Tencent. Unfortunately Tencent publishes a lot of applications so that knowledge wasn't conclusive on its own.

My initial suspicion was that it might have been game traffic so I downloaded and played a few popular multiplayer games via the Tencent games client, capturing the network traffic and comparing it against my current unknown traffic. No luck, but then I had the bright idea to look a bit more closely at video call traffic in WeChat (a messaging app). Sure enough, once I was able to successfully create two WeChat accounts and get a video call going between them, I started seeing the traffic I wanted.

Also added rules for Acer Cloud and OpenTracker over UDP.