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Weekly Report -- 18/09/2014




Fixed the bug that was causing my disk-writing wdcap to crash. The problem was a slight incongruity in the record length stored in the ERF header and the amount of actual packet available, so we were touching bad memory occasionally. Since fixing that, wdcap has been happily capturing since Tuesday morning without any crashes or dropped packets.

Continued working towards a releasable libtrace4. Polished up the parallel tools and replaced the old rijndael implementation in traceanon with the libcrypto code from wdcap. Made sure all the examples build nicely and added a full skeleton example that implements most of the common callbacks. Fixed all the outstanding compiler warnings and made sure all the header documentation was correct and coherent.

Started developing a HOWTO guide for parallel libtrace that introduces the new API, one step at a time, using a simple example application. I'm about half-way through writing this.