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Weekly Report -- 18/03/2016




Helped finish off the funding proposal in the first half of the week.

Continued working with libprotoident. This week I gave up on the elephant flows and started looking at the mice flows. Found some interesting stuff; the highlight being a huge number of flows on TCP port 80 that seem to be associated with the Baidu web browser. The behaviour of these flows is particularly odd: connect to server, send a FIN with seqno N, retransmit FIN a few times, send a non-FIN packet with 1 byte of payload (0x00) and seqno N-1 (incredibly invalid TCP behaviour!), server sends a RST. End result is > 150,000 flows over a week on port 80 with a single outgoing byte of payload.

Added some filters on the Endace probe to see if we can find people doing this traffic on campus, as the Baidu browser is pretty well-known for having a tendency to leak all sorts of private data back to its masters. Found multiple staff PCs that appear to be doing this sort of traffic, so Brad and I will try to prepare a report for ITS next week.

Met with Nathan at Lightwire on Thursday afternoon re: AMP and netevmon. Came away with plenty of ideas and suggestions for improvements we can make and hopefully we also helped Nathan understand parts of our system better as well. The good news is that netevmon seems to mostly be picking up valid events, but even so the number and frequency of these events can be overwhelming so we need better control over what events are shown to the user.