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Weekly Report -- 18/01/2013




Decided to replace the PACE comparison in my L7 Filter paper with Tstat, a somewhat well-known open-source program that does traffic classification (along with a whole lot of other statistic collection). Tstat's results were disappointing - I was hoping they would be a lot better so that the ineptitude of L7 Filter would be more obvious, but I guess this does make libprotoident look even better.

Fixed a major bug in the lpicollector that was causing us to insert duplicate entries in our IP and User maps. Memory usage is way down now and our active IP counts are much more in line with expectations. Also added a special PUSH message to the protocol so that any clients will know when the collector is done sending messages for the current reporting period.

Spent a fair chunk of time refining Nathan to a) just work as intended, b) be more efficient and c) be more user-friendly / deployable. I've got it reading data properly from LPI, RRDs and AMP and exporting data in an appropriate format for our event detection code to be able to read.

Started toying with using the event detection code on our various inputs. Have run into some problems with the math used to determine whether a time series is relatively constant or not - this is used to determine which of our detectors should be run against the data.

Got the bad news that the libprotoident paper was rejected by TMA over the weekend. A bit disappointed with the reviews - felt like they were too busy trying to find flaws with the 4-byte approach rather than recognising the results I presented that showed it to be more accurate, faster and less memory-intensive than existing OSS DPI classifiers. Regardless, it is back to the drawing board on this one - looks like it might be the libtrace paper all over again.