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Weekly Report - 17/4/2015




Met with Brad and Christopher from REANNZ and discussed an implementation for me to work on.

Basically we'll have an OpenFlow switch sitting in the middle which would be connected our core router and the HOP, which will also be talking to the controller and a linux box running our DHCP server.

When we get DHCP traffic from the HOP, we pop a VLAN tag onto it which would then be passed to the DHCP server. This would handle the request, have the S/C VIDs in tact and be able to handle what is AAA.

Any replies from the DHCP server will have the VLAN tag we set taken off, and then thrown at the HOP. Since the S/C VIDs are preserved, this would just work.

Once we have the lease given to the customer, we install rules that allow internet access. Depending on the type of customer, we would need more/less rules depending on how much we care about the accounting of traffic.

Also need to figure out way for the controller to know when the customer has been allowed access and is authenticated, so it can install rules to facilitate this.

As for what I need to get done first, I want to get DHCP traffic coming in and then being passed to a VM in the way I mentioned. Running tcpdump on the VM will show that traffic is reaching it, which would indicate a success.