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Weekly Report -- 17/11/2017




Implemented a few more nDAG optimisations. I'm now using recvmmsg and sendmmsg to receive and send batches of messages using a single system call -- this saves us quite a lot of pthread cancellation status changes when doing I/O. Sender can now comfortably handle 7.5 Gbps without dropping any records. Client is still stuck around 5 Gbps receiving, but I still have one or two ideas up my sleeve.

Tested and released a new version of libtrace, which includes both nDAG read and pcap-ng read support.

Started experimenting some more with the ETSI capture format. Started adding an etsilive: input format to libtrace for testing purposes. Played with cyberprobe as a possible independent source of ETSI-encoded packets to develop my decoder against, but it turned out that their encoding was not as compliant as I had hoped. I found two errors in their encoding of the first field alone.