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Weekly Report -- 17/07/2014




More work on the dashboard this week:
* added the ability to remove "common" events from the recent event list and made the graphs collapsible.
* added a table that shows the most frequently occuring events in the past day, e.g. "increased latency from A to B (ipv4)".
* polished up some of the styling on the dashboard and moved the dashboard-specific CSS (of which there is now quite a lot) into its own separate file.

Started thinking about how to include loss-related events in the event groups, as these are ignored at the moment.

The new capture point came online on Wednesday, so the rest of my week was spent playing with the packet captures. This involved:
* learning to operate EndaceVision.
* installing wdcap on the vDAG VM.
* adding the ability to anonymise only the local network in wdcap.
* performing a short test capture.
* getting BSOD working again, which required the application of a little "in-flow" packet sampling to run smoothly.
* running libprotoident against the test capture to see what new rules I can add.