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Weekly Report -- 17/05/2013




Spent much of my week working on getting BSOD ready to be wheeled out at Open Day once again. During this process, I managed to find and fix a couple of bugs in the server that were now causing nasty crashes. I also tracked down a bug in the client where the UI elements aren't redrawn properly if the window is resized. Normally this hasn't been a big problem, but newer versions of Gnome like to try and silently resize full-screen apps and this meant that our UI was disappearing off the bottom of the screen. As an interim fix, I've disabled resizing in BSOD client but we really should be trying to handle resize events properly.

Received a bug report for libtrace about the compression detection occasionally giving a false positive for uncompressed ERF traces. This is because the ERF header has no identifying 'magic' at the start, so every now and again the first few bytes (where the timestamp is stored) end up matching the bytes we use to identify a gzip header. I've strengthened the gzip check to use an extra byte so the chance of this happening now is 1 in 16 million. I've also added a special URI format called rawerf: so users can force libtrace to treat traces as uncompressed ERF.

Started working on trying to get amp-web to plot graphs of interface byte counts. I've managed to draw a line on the graph, but much of the graph styling is still using the smokeping style. I'm now looking at rewriting the javascript for the graph styling to be a bit more generic and configurable, rather than having one (mostly copied) javascript file for each of our metrics.

Friday was mostly consumed with looking after our displays at Open Day. BSOD continued to impress quite a few people and we were reasonably busy most of the day, so it seemed a worthwhile exercise.