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Weekly Report - 16/05/14




Have been trying to get communication working between devices this week, but nothing seems to just work in Contiki quite as you would expect it to. I read in several places (although each using fairly wishy washy methods) that it was possible to use a mote as an RPL border router, which the host PC could tunnel through via a serial connection to connect devices to the wider network/internet. I figured I would give this a go before I jumped into writing code to test that devices were networked and communicating properly. As it turned out, the RPL border router app for the mbxxx platform wouldn't compile out of the box due to missing files (in both release 2.7 and master branches). I worked out that after symlinking to what seemed to be the right files I could get the border router to compile properly, but connecting to it wasn't straightforward either and I eventually gave up in search of other methods.

Found what look to be excellent resources from Jacobs University, in the form of lab handout tutorials/walkthroughs. I followed through one on bridging an IPv6 network (using a different included app than the RPL border router), although the document was from 2009 and for a different platform. Some code in Contiki differs between the platforms: mbxxx seems to lack certain build functions, but I was able to substitute in the ones from the suggested platform. That being said, I finished the walkthrough, but I still don't seem to be able to reach a remote node through the tunnel mote, so I'm pretty confused now. If I continue down this track I may have to look back through past Contiki releases to see whether the code for each platform has changed -- I assume the bridge for mbxxx worked at some point.

Or I could just be completely doing it wrong. But either way, the lack of documentation is maddening...