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Weekly Report




My presentation on Tuesday went pretty well, stumbled in a couple of places but overall was reasonably happy with how it turned out; and I enjoyed learning of the progress everyone has made on their projects. After the presentation I went home for a break for a few days. I spent a little bit of time tinkering at my project and other assignments here and there. I have the receiving pretty much done but hit a little snag with the sending - I had forgotten just how linear and non-conducive to partial sends it was. Had a chat with Richard about it and decided to go with re-using my encode all the headers into a string function that I made for persistence, despite the fact it will be a little less efficient and use a little more memory than the complicated state for keeping track of attempting to (possibly partially) send headers line by line, that seemed to need more complication the closer I got to finishing it. I intend to get this and the plumbing things like acknowledgements organised this week.